Meteor & the Mighty Monster Trucks

When monster truck Bigfoot returns to his hometown with his wife, Rosa, to raise their kids, Little Tow and Zooey, they discover a lot of things have changed. Little Tow's classmates have all sorts of space-age gadgets...especially a young moon buggy monster truck named Meteor! But one thing hasn't changed in Bigfoot's hometown: good, old-fashioned family values.

Vol. 1: Start Your Engines!

Join Meteor and his monster truck friends in Start Your Engines! as they hit the road in six action-packed episodes! There's a lot of racing going on when Meteor and Little Tow try to keep up with their new ATV friends. Then Little Tow learns the importance of telling the truth, while Meteor learns about responsibility. And Bigfoot and Rosa show the trucks that things aren't so scary if you know a little about them.


Vol. 2: Let's Go, Go, Go!

Everyone's on the move in the six fun-filled episodes of Let's Go, Go, Go! Join Meteor and his monster truck friends as they learn how to be a good sport, what it's like to be someone's hero, and the importance of never giving up. Then go on an adventure as the monster truck friends explore a restricted area of the car lot, learn a valuable lesson at school, and face their fears! C'mon, let's go, go, go!


Vol. 3: Shifting Gears

In Shifting Gears, Meteor and his monster truck friends learn the importance of talking and listening to each other in six exciting, action-filled episodes. Little Tow also discovers how listening in on other's conversations can cause major confusion; Meteor learns the value of his grandpa's stories about the past; and Little Tow and Meteor talk about some of the times they got into trouble. From the start to the finish line, everyone is on the move!


3 Volume Set

Includes all 3 Meteor & the Mighty Monster Trucks DVDs:
• Start Your Engines!
• Let's Go, Go, Go!
• Shifting Gears


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