Character Classics
by Tony Salerno


The set includes hardback books only.

More on Character Classics:

Character Classics is a unique blend of memorable melodies and delightful, kid-friendly lyrics that helps children discover the best of two worlds: classical music and positive values. Kids will enjoy unforgettable melodies from Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, and other great composers - while they sing about valuable character traits such as attentiveness and truthfulness. They will never forget these creative and entertaining songs and will want to pass them down to their children. Introducing children to positive character traits and musical masterpieces has never been simpler or more fun. Character Classics is a terrific resource for parents, grandparents, and educators who want well-rounded, character-building resources for all children.

Character Classics highlights the character qualities of:
Attentiveness, Patience, Truthfulness, Self-control, Kindness, Contentment Perseverance, Dependability, Goodness, Respect, Obedience, Thankfulness.

The Character Classics series is designed to give children a basic foundation for character educaion through the use of comtemporary lyrics set to classical melodies.

The Character Classics activity resource books help to reinforce the character qualities presented in the Character Classics musical recordings. The purpose of the activity books is to assist children in applying character qualities to their lives in everyday experiences. Children will also gain a knowledge of classical composers and some of the best and most loved melodies ever written.

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