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Shaping Up A Rhyme, One State at a Time
Travel on this learning adventure of the 50 states in the USA. The whimsical rhymes about each state will help kids to engage in learning interesting facts.  The colorful, animated shapes will help resonate with kids as they explore the geography of the United States, while acquiring historical information in a fun, creative way.

By Carole Cliffe

  Raps, Riddles and Rhymes  


Raps, Riddles and Rhymes for all Time.
This book teaches personal safety, and positive character traits, and stresses that manners matter and so does patriotism.

By Carole Cliffe

Shaping Up Your Character  


Shaping Up Your Character, A to Z-Mathematically (click to see page samples)
There is no question about it: character counts. But how can a square, rectangle, and diamond help make a child’s behavior sparkle? Carole Cliffe, an award-winning educator, integrates geometric shapes, eye-catching illustrations, and clever interactive activities to inspire kids to shape their character—one letter at a time.

By Carole Cliffe







Alowishes Unusual Birthday
This colorful, fanciful story will impact kids with the importance of being dependable. 

The creative rhyme and  inspiring character driven theme will resonate with kids ages 3-12

By Carole Cliffe & Irene Ferguson

Character Quilting  


The Character Quilting Handbook
A teachers' guide to effective character building, an integrated approach.

By Carole Cliffe.







  Building Character



Building Character in the King's Kids
A Christian "How to Handbook" for parents, teachers, and youth leaders.

By Carole Cliffe.

The Mysterious Balloon  


The Mysterious Balloon
Featuring eye-catching illustrations and creative rhyme.

By Carole Cliffe











  Class Tunes CD      

Radio Interview!

Carole Cliffe is an award-winning educator who was interviewed by Shannon Penrod on her radio show "Everyday Autism Miracles." Here she talks about the success she has had with the Character Classics products.

  • Multi-grade level K-9 seasonal curriculum.
  • Practical application of character traits, in alignment with state standards.
  • Teaches responsibility, cooperation, leadership, self worth, gratitude, integrity.
  • Resource guide for parents, teachers, coaches, after school programs and counselors.
  • Illuminating ideas for bulletin boards, skits, poems and plays.
  • Social skills song sheets and poems.
  • Creative tips to help teachers manage their classrooms.
  • Tips for new teachers.
  • Character building posters and note cards




Reach One Teach One

Momma Mentoring resource manual for discipling women on the fundamentals of the faith , based on Titus 2:3



Brokenness is not a Life Sentence

Voices for Better Choices.

This book contains the testimonies of ex-convicts and how their lives have been changed. Their road to recovery is inspirational. Within the amazing stories of their past and present they share their experience, strength, and hope. Their uplifting "Voices for Better Choices "resonate with optimism. . .

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